AI Agent-Enabled Compliance Solution for Digital Asset Innovation
For investors, policymakers, auditors, and virtual asset service providers
Insightic leverages AI to provide comprehensive, efficient tools for assessing and monitoring Web3 projects, reducing costs and streamlining decision-making.
Evidence-based Assessment
Our evidence-based assessment tool employs on-chain analytics and our proprietary de-anonymization technique, analyzing over 150 risk factors to offer precise evaluations of Web3 projects swiftly and effectively.
Jointly Created with Policymakers and Financial Institutions
Designed with input from policymakers and financial institutions, blending Web3 native insights with institutional expertise. This collaboration fosters deep understanding of the risks and opportunities in the Web3 landscape.
AI-powered Analysis
Built on decades of world-leading research, our AI-powered analysis facilitates in-depth understanding of Web3 projects, helping stakeholders to make informed and confident decisions with precision.
Preliminary assessment of virtual asset service providers, drastically reducing manual due diligence efforts.

Leveraging on-chain background checks and a unique de-anonymization technique, it offers deep insights and thorough screening
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Smart Contract Validator
Smart contract code suitability assessment including code similarity analysis, automatically validates business claims against code implementation.
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Risk Assessment
Comprehensive analysis and continuous monitoring covers 150+ risk factors , Patent pending graph analytics tools are used in fraud detection, tokenomic, and DAO assessment frameworks. Remediate actions are recommended for risk identified.
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World-Leading Research

300 Publications, 13895 citations
50+ papers on Graph Processing & Analytics
40+ papers on Machine Learning (Federated Learning), with 2000 citations


1st Runner up of AI & GPT Application Innovation Challenge Hackathon 2023
1st Runner up of Singapore Blockchain Innovation Challenge 2022 (enthusiastic track)
1st Runner up of Zhuhai ChiefData Lab Startup Competition, 2018

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