Dive Deep into Insightic's Research: The Power of Federated Learning
Tue Oct 31 2023


Navigating the landscape of digital asset regulation can be challenging, especially since each jurisdiction has its nuances and rules. A technology which is able to facilitate collaboration while addressing unique privacy requirements of each collaborator could be a solution.

One possible approach is Federated Learning. Federated Learning offers a decentralized machine learning solution, allowing models to be trained across distinct devices or servers owned by multiple independent parties. It prioritizes minimal data exchange and instead, shares incremental updates of a model. This allows for collaborative model development, while preserving data privacy.

Whereas traditional Federated Learning is iterative and requires parties or devices to be available for each round of training, One-shot Federated Learning is a single-round approach requiring parties or devices to communicate just once. By circumventing the need for stable multi-round participation, it is safer and more practical for enterprise applications.

Introducing FedKT (Federated Learning via Knowledge Transfer) – our unique One-shot Federated Learning algorithm. Discover more here


FedKT is unique in 3 ways, which makes it especially suited for institutional or large enterprise-level implementations.

1) Safety - A single communication round minimizes vulnerabilities to threats like inference attacks.
2) Flexibility - It is adaptable to various models, whether they be neural networks, decision trees, or support vector machines.
3) Privacy - While maintaining near-optimal performance, akin to a fully centralized model, FedKT ensures heightened privacy. It enables privacy configurations at both data and party levels, ensuring custom-fit solutions for diverse settings.

The world of digital asset regulation is intricate, varying widely across jurisdictions. Federated learning, through its innovation, facilitates a shared learning experience, allowing entities from diverse jurisdictions to collaborate. This method not only taps into collective knowledge but also ensures data remains private, addressing security concerns head-on. Such a collaborative yet private approach paves the way for a harmonized regulatory framework empowered by advanced AI techniques.

At Insightic, our solid research foundation drives our AI-driven compliance solutions tailored for digital asset innovations. Interested? Reach out at [email protected].

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